Bath Fitters

Fitting a bath can be tricky especially with compact modern bathrooms. Also there are a variety of bath types that people traditionally like, getting those to work with the space you have can be a challenge. We have a team who can assess the space you have for fitting your bath and advise you on the options you have.

Fitting Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths have become super popular due to their simple style and elegance. They also have a traditional feel to them, often with less features. They also have a finish that doesn’t require panelling so the plumbing will need to be concealed. We can make recommendations about which freestanding bath we can fit and what might suit the space you currently have.

Fitting L-Shaped Baths

L-Shaped baths or baths with more space at one end are a great choice for someone looking to also integrate a shower. This option means you have more space for movement within the shower as well as the ability to bath. It can save the cost of installing a separate shower unit, saving money and time on fitting.

Fitting Small Baths

Small baths can be fitted in those rooms which don’t have a huge amount of space, but can still be very functional. It is recommended that the space is assessed first so that we can recommend the right type of product to ensure you are happy with the end result.

Fitting Luxury baths

Luxury baths such as jet and massage baths are quite popular but do also need electrical wiring to connect the power needed to power the pump to these types of baths. We have experience in installing and fitting such baths and can advise on the best method for connection to the electrical supply.

Creating the finished look

Before your bath is fitted we can at this point re-tile or re-decorate the bathroom as needed to give you that look to complement your new bath.


Get a quote for bath fitting

We are always happy to quote and examine the work required in order to complete the job. Drop us a message or give us a call with your details and some information about the job and we will get a quote together as soon as possible.

Bath Fitters