Local Fitted Wardrobes

If you are looking for a Dorset local wardrobe fitter than we can help! We have experience in fitting wardrobes which are made to suit the space. We know that with the popularity in extensions and loft conversions that freestanding wardrobes aren’t always a great use of the space you have available to you. By having a fitted wardrobe you are able to give a space maximum potential.

Fitted wardrobes for loft conversions

Roofs in an attic space can be a challenge. In the below example the customer wanted a 4 door wardrobe built into the slope of the ceiling. Clearly a conventional wardrobe wouldn’t have been an effective use of space, leaving a small double or single unit option. With a fitted wardrobe and complementary cabinets this customer was able to make a great use of the space resulting in a large 3.5 door wardrobe. The finish was real walnut with gloss doors and stainless steel handles. All using a solid 25mm wooden frame, compared to the usual thickness of 15mm when buying off the shelf.

Fitted wardrobes for walk in wardrobes

When you have the luxury of an entire room for fitted wardrobes the possibilities expand even further. We can look at the options of open or closed units (with or without doors) as well as the fitting of complimentary lighting and accessories where needed. Our cabinets can be made in nearly any finish to suit the theme of your room.

Local fitted wardrobes – getting a quote

For us to best assess the cost of fitting a wardrobe for your bespoke space please let us know the dimensions of the space or intended wardrobe size, as well as some detail and any pictures you have of inspiration. From this we will be able to arrange a visit to discuss your requirements, give you a quote and hopefully complete your perfect fitted wardrobe at a price that suits you.

Local Fitted Wardrobes