Block and Beam floor

Block and beam installation on Ground floor floors is the most common use of block and beam. It gives a solid footing for the construction of the home and also allows the floor to clear the soil below creating a void which is perfect for the prevention of damp rising. When installed correctly the block and beam structure will also leave a gap between the floor and the outside wall. This means there is no chance of cold bridging between the outside wall and the internal floor. Insulation can be fitted to keep the structure warm and the floor dry. Block and beam is usually also supplied pre stressed so that they have a slight curve on them. As they are installed the weight of the blocks causes them to become completely flat. There might be a noticeable bounce on the floor when first installed, but as the joints between are set with cement and the screed layer is set the floor will become quite solid. This means it can take a lot of weight in comparison to traditional timber floors.