Block and Beam Installation

Block and beam floors is commonly used for many applications such as:

Block and beam installation on Ground floor floors is the most common use of block and beam. It gives a solid footing for the construction of the home and also allows the floor to clear the soil below creating a void which is perfect for the prevention of damp rising. When installed correctly the block and beam structure will also leave a gap between the floor and the outside wall. This means there is no chance of cold bridging between the outside wall and the internal floor. Insulation can be fitted to keep the structure warm and the floor dry. Block and beam is usually also supplied pre stressed so that they have a slight curve on them. As they are installed the weight of the blocks causes them to become completely flat. There might be a noticeable bounce on the floor when first installed, but as the joints between are set with cement and the screed layer is set the floor will become quite solid. This means it can take a lot of weight in comparison to traditional timber floors.

Drainage under block and beam installation

By installing block and beam this allows for drainage and other water pipes to be laid below the block and beam floor, giving good access to installing these facilities. We would recommend using block and beam to allow for quick and easy access to underfloor facilities in the future should you need it.

Some second storey floors where weight can be an issue with timber floors.

In some instances floors above the ground floor may use block and beam. This can be in commercial buildings as well as for use in homes where heavy weights might be applied to the rooms above. The solid construction of block and beam floors make a perfect choice for supporting the weight of contents in the floors above. 

Garage floors

Block and beam flooring is also used in the construction of garages. While a solid floor is an option, to use less material and for a build which is plenty strong enough to take the weight of vehicles and other heavy items block and beam is quick and easy to install.

Benefits of block and beam installation

Block and beam installations are quick and give the floor a solid foundation for the rest of the build. They are reliable and have a lifetime lifespan. They are not prone to rot and can be insulated well. They are great for air flow underneath to prevent damp rising and they stay warmer than poured concrete floors. Block and beam floors also make a nice level floor ready for whatever floor finish you decide, and work well with underfloor heating. There is no noise or movement from the beams which is ideal for any modern home.

Block and beam installation process

Our team will arrive and look at the current progress of your build. We can also offer services either side of the block and beam installation process such as groundworks, and foundations. This gives us the perfect starting point for getting your block and beam installation just right. We will order and install the materials ensuring that everything is made according to plans.

Block and beam installation quote

To get a quote for a block and beam installation give us a call or complete our enquiry form below. We will happily look at your plans, and if necessary send us a photo of the project. We can always make a site visit and estimate the cost of installing your block and beam floor.

Block and Beam Installation