Clogged pipe

If you have clogged pipes we can help we are experts at cleared clogged or slow draining pipes. For a quick and cost effective solution give us a call and let us know about the issue you are facing. We can visit your home or commercial premises to assess the nature of the problem and advise on the best solution, unclogging and clearing any obstruction to your pipes.

Cause of clogged pipes

Pipes can clog quickly with materials that do not break down easily. A cause of clogged pipes may be fats from cooking, wipes, food, hair and other materials which take too long to break down that your pipes will become clogged quicker than they clear.

Clogged pipe repairs

Sometimes a pipe may become clogged from damage to the pipe itself. If the pipe has become dislodged or blocked from pressure then repairing or replacing the pipe might become the best option. This usually also helps to prevent a clogged pipe in future especially if the current pipes are old.

Clogged pipe price

Clearing a clogged pipe doesn’t need to be expensive. We can usually fix and clear clogged pipes reasonably quickly so long as the root cause isn’t further down into the drainage system. However the best way to find out a price for clearing a clogged pipe is to call or email us and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Clogged pipe
Clogged pipe

Clogged pipe bathroom

If you have clogged pipes located in the bathroom this is quite often caused by hair jamming in the pipes. With under bath access relatively difficult we can reach some places that are too tricky for some. Give us a call or complete our contact form and we will be in touch shortly.

Clogged pipe

Clogged pipe kitchen

If you have a clogged pipe in the kitchen it may be from fat building. As fat is poured down the sink it cools quickly and turns into a more solid state. Therefore over time as the fat deposits from cooking build up it can narrow the pipes causing them to clog especially when food also makes its way into the pipe. This can cause the drain to slowly build causing a backup when using, by getting us to check on the pipes we can quickly restore full use to your kitchen pipes.

Clogged pipe

Clogged pipe toilet

If you have a clogged pipe in the toilet it may be from excess toilet roll, or wipes which have been flushed and caused a blockage. This can create unpleasant smells and poor drainage. We can quickly fix and restore flow to your clogged toilers, giving you a functional toilet once more!

Clogged pipe quote

For a quick quote on clearing your clogged pipe speak to us and see what we can do to resolve your clogged pipes quickly, tidily and cost effectively.
Our team are on hand and waiting to help.