As skilled Dorset Builders we are confident about the level of skill and service we provide with Bricklaying. While the trade may be thousands of years old we are constantly trying to stand out with quality that exceeds our competitors. We use the latest tools, the best materials and provide what we feel is the best service, meaning we are happy with the work we produce and know our customers are too.

Bricklaying for New Builds

We have experience in bricklaying under all applications. Once of those is for new builds. We have completed hundreds of jobs in and around Dorset, getting new build projects through the lined and passing building regulations and quality control standards. This level of service is what makes us one of the first choices for new build bricklaying.

Bricklaying for repairs

Some projects need some TLC. Often buildings can be surprisingly revived with some bricklaying repairs for either structural or cosmetic reasons. Either way it doesn’t always need to be a costly re-build, we can provide bricklaying to a standard that will mean your repair looks as good as new (well maybe not quite but nearly!). If you have a repair that you feel our bricklaying services may be able to assist with then please contact us for a quote. We can tackle a project of any size. Speak to us for a quote and see what we can do.

Bricklaying for Garden Walls

If you have an existing or would like a new garden wall we can produce something that will be pleasing to the eye, working with bricks or blocks and render speak to us about how we can build your ideal garden wall. No matter what size the project may be we can help. Contact us for a quick quote and get the perfect garden wall you always wanted.

Bricklaying and re-pointing

After time the mortar between the breaks can break out, leaving the building exposure to structural failure and potentially damp ingress. This can leave your building in a state of disrepair. This can sometimes be very easily resolved with a repointing job. Even if there is no damp or structural issue the appearance of the wall may be declining as a result. We can give your wall a new lease of life and bring it back to former glory with our bricklaying / re-pointing service.

Bricklaying blocks

For speed and efficiency sometimes the choice of build may be blocks. With dense blocks we can quickly erect a wall and focus on the build speed. The wall may then be finished with the render of your choice to give that clean, painted finish, while having the solid finish of a block wall. Block walls can also be great for garden walls and other outside walls which are exposed to the elements.

Bricklaying Thermalite Blocks

We have years of experience in working with Thermalite Blocks / Bricklaying. This is what allows us to help reach the U Values needed by todays building regulation standards. The efficiency of these blocks are great for insulation, and very light and easy to work with.

Bricklaying for extensions

If you need an extension built and need us to look at the brick / block work for that then we can give you a quote. Extensions in particular can be tricky as the planning might be subject to matching the original building brickwork. Of course no one wants their extension to look out of place or ugly so we have the ability try to blend your existing building into your new build / extension.

Bricklaying and block and beam floors

Bricks can be suited moreso to the bottom of the wall build so that below the damp course the render is not affected by rising damp. We then encourage the use of blocks in any application where the finish will be painted render. This will keep the cost and speed of the build quicker. Of course for a classic brick finish we can work with almost any type of brick and ensure that it looks how you’d want it to – perfect. Speak to one of our team today about Brick and Block finishes to see what would suit you most.

House Bricks and Engineered Bricks

House bricks tend to be the most common application for brick jobs, however for a more accurate cleaner and smoother finish engineered blocks may be more suited. They also work well for the sub base of rendered walls.

Bricklaying for Patios

You may be considering brick patios, slabs or porcelain tiles. We have experience in applications for patio work and for a quote please contact us.

Bricklaying for Porches

Traditional porches are often made from bricks. We have experience in building high quality traditional and modern porches using bricks and blocks when rendered. Bricklaying for porches can be more complex than walls as they may also contain arches and brick features, something we are also competent with. We would recommend speaking to us about the options available to you if considering a brick built porch.

Bricklaying for garages

If you have or are looking to build an external garage then we can build a single or double skinned wall based on your requirements. If needed we can also source the doors and build the roof for any external garage builds.

Bricklaying for chimneys

Does your chimney need repointing or perhaps you have a new project which needs a traditional brick build chimney. We can complete the process below and above the roofline, with many people opting for blocks within their home and bricks above the roof to give a nice finish to the look of the chimney.