Bricklaying companies

If you need a reliable and responsible bricklaying company for your project then Dorset Build are able to help. We have bricklayers with years of experience in the trade. They are always helpful and capable with any job we undertake. We work closely with your plans to ensure that our bricklaying is carried out with precision and care. We also use great materials and give time and attention to our work.

Bricklaying companies – who to choose

When you need to decide which bricklaying company is best for you, you need to factor in a few things;

  • The difficulty of the job – does your bricklayer have the experience working with the more complex bricklaying job?
  • The size of the job – Does your bricklayer have the capability to take on larger projects and importantly, manage the process well so that it keeps in line with other trades deadlines?
  • The cost of the job – Does your bricklayer accurately quote the work or do they quote to win? We feel that we accurately quote the work so that you know that the costs should not start to creep up.
  • The types of materials that will be used – Does your bricklayer use the best materials or do they pick the cheapest they can find? We like to use good quality sand and cement to ensure that our finish is solid and reliable.
  • Timescales around the bricklaying job – Does your bricklayer keep to their timescale promises or do they risk holding up the project as a whole. We always try to be realistic about our timescales and try to stick to them (weather dependent of course!).

Bricklaying companies – cost

When it comes to cost, we aren’t the most expensive, we aren’t the cheapest, we feel that we provide some of the best quality brickwork however, for a very fair price. We have spent years working in a way that allows us to produce a great quality finish, while delivering great bricklaying results to our customers. If you have a bricklaying job in mind, speak to us and see what we can do to quote. We would love the opportunity to take on a new project!

Bricklaying companies – timescales

With bricklaying companies they are so integral to most builds that they need to be on-top of the timescales otherwise they can impact almost every other trade that comes on site. Therefore picking a company which is focused on delivering on time is key to choosing any bricklaying company for your project.

Bricklaying companies – get a quote

IF you need a quote for a bricklaying job then please drop us a message. We would love the opportunity to see how we can help you with your bricklaying project, as an isolated job, or as part of a bigger project, either way we are happy to help.