Bricklaying Prices

Bricklaying prices will vary from company to company, there is also the consideration of the materials and the setting of the project. Looking towards scaffolding and the site location may also affect how easy or tricky the job may be, therefore prices may be affected by some of these variable factors.

Knowing how to find the best price for bricklaying

How do you know how to find the best price? Since the price can vary so much on bricklaying projects it is worth considering the following elements

  • How long with the bricklayer take to work on your project?
  • What materials do they intend to use, are they cheap or premium quality materials, is that something you have a preference over?
  • How local is the bricklayer? Extended travel can add to the cost of working on the project which will of course be passed onto the customer as a cost, so selecting a local bricklayer is key.
  • Will the bricklayer want to charge daily or for the job as a whole?

Cost of Bricklaying

Variable factors aside we know there are two main ways of quoting or charging for bricklaying work.

Day Rate

Day rate is when the bricklayer will charge a fixed amount for each day they are on the job. The upside of this is that if the project takes less time than expected then the bricklaying cost may be lower than expected also. It also means you are generally just paying the cost of the labour rather than for the materials also so it can be easier to manage. However since the bricklayer is being paid for the day regardless of their speed they may also not rush to finish the work. Our bricklayers have a reputation however of always ensuring we complete the jobs as quickly as possible and our site managers will ensure the pressure is applied to maintain the pace of work needed to get the job done within the expected timescales – weather dependent of course!

Fixed Quote

Fixed quote jobs as everyone knows is where the price for the job is agreed up front. The upside of this is that as a customer you know what you will be paying no matter how long the job takes. The downside can be that the bricklaying company you choose may factor in more time than planned so they have a contingency. If they finish earlier than expected the customer is still paying for the rest of the time. However with Dorset Build we have years of experience in providing fixed quotes so we can keep margins tighter and are usually always accurate with our estimates.
Every project is different so speak to us about yours and we will give you our pricing on bricklaying. We will aim to get our quote prepared and to you as quickly as possible so that you can decide if you’d like us to take on your bricklaying project. Ultimately we will guide you and make the options clear to you so that you can decide on the approach to the project which suits you best.