Bricklaying services

We provide a massive range of various bricklaying services, from entire new build homes, to small garden walls. We are happy to work on bricklaying services which are of any size, and in any location in Dorset. We can also work with stone walls as well as brick. Take a look at the bricklaying services we provide below to see if there is something that matches your needs. If you have something specific in mind we are always happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Commercial Bricklaying services

New build bricklaying services

You may been looking to develop new build homes and will need bricklaying services. We have worked with new build projects for years and have experience with new build homes and the regulations in place. Bricklaying services for new build homes need to be up to the standards expected by customers who buy new build homes so for us this is something we easily accommodate. If you have a new build home project that requires bricklaying services then request a quote and we will see how we can help.

Renovation bricklaying services

As well as new build we also work on bricklaying services for renovations. Renovations may have restrictions in place in terms of the look and feel as well as the materials used. Councils may require specific build types due to conservation which is common in areas in and around Dorset. We have the skills and experience in working on renovating buildings with our bricklaying service.

Fireplace Bricklaying

Brick fireplaces are still very common with rural and traditional properties and can make an amazing feature and centre point of any home. A good accurate bricklayer can make the difference to something that is usually a very visual focus point within the home. Our bricklayers are more than capable of working with complex and intricate brickwork on and around fireplaces. If you have a brick fireplace than needs some tlc, or needs to be built from scratch then request a quote from us.

Garden wall

Garden walls are highly popular where retaining or privacy is required. They are also more permanent than other boundaries. Our bricklaying service is perfect for any size of garden walls. We are able to work with you to discuss your garden wall bricklaying project, or look at your existing wall if a repair is required. We can also sort clearing of the site before work.

Chimney Bricklaying and Building

As well as the fireplaces we can offer bricklaying for chimneys, including new and old chimneys. If you need a new chimney built then we will happily provide a quote, or perhaps you need a chimney repair in which case we can always carry out an inspection of the works to see how much work is needed to repair.


Sometimes you need the additional space with a garage built externally to your main building. We have built garages from footings to roofing and fitting the doors. Our bricklayers are able to complete your garage build project swiftly and effectively. Brick build garages offer a more permanent and solid / secure structure to other solutions and can match the build of your home nicely.


Brick archways are not something that all bricklayers may be comfortable with. We pride ourselves on our skill and attention to detail and can create beautiful brick built arches which will stand the test of time. Speak to us today about getting a quote for a brick built archway.
Brick porches have become increasingly popular again. A while ago they would have been replaced with UPVC type structures but due to the solid appearance and ability to blend with the home features brick build porches have made a comeback. If you need a brick build porch, then speak to our team and see what we can create.

Boundary walls

Brick boundary walls are sometimes the best solution on a border where rigidity and structure are needed. The cost of a brick boundary wall is sometimes offset by the time they last for. By having an attractive brick build boundary wall this can add value to your home and give you a better feeling of security in your home.

Block walls

Block walls are perfect for when you need to quickly erect walls. Our bricklaying services, experience and skill allows us to quickly work on your project, while keeping accuracy and saving labour costs due to the time it takes to build walls this way.

Internal brick walls

Internal brick walls are often used for structural support of the floors above, and can also be a good sound proofer compared to stud walling. Our bricklayers have built walls for both purposes and have experience in such applications as well as propping up walls which are moved internally. We are fully insured and capable of following fully the structural guidelines set out by our engineers or yours.

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