Carpentry near me

If you are looking for a carpenter near you, we are based in and cover the Dorset region. Carpentry covers the following services.

Carpentry for extensions near you

If you are considering an extension on your property you will no doubt need a good carpenter to carry out works. No matter how large or small your extension you will need to invest in a good carpenter for a first and second fit. We have carpenters who take pride and care in their work, and will speak to you about the plans you have for your project to follow you designs to create the space you have imagined. We can work on every element of the build from planning to the finishing touches.

Carpentry for loft conversions near you

When converting a home with a loft extension or conversion there is nearly always a need for carpentry, whether the roof is staying or a new roof being build there will be various stages which will need a good carpenter to make sure the job is done right. Timber can be hard to work with, and we aim to try to create the best finishes, giving you satisfaction of the finished result. We work hard to provide you with the best quotes and realistic timescales on your project. If you need more than just carpentry for your loft conversion then we can handle any element of the build.

Carpentry for Wooden floors near you

Wooden floors are timeless, warm and always in fashion. They are a great option for any room in the house. We have experience in fitting wooden floors and can work on installing your perfect finish. We can work with you to advise and recommend the best wooden flooring options as well as the best types of wood to use. We can also treat and revive older wooden floors. Speak to us and get expert advice on how best to approach your wooden floor project.

Carpentry for wooden worktops near you

Wooden worktops need to be fitted in a way that shows off the kitchen. They are usually one of the main focal points of any kitchen and a good seamless finish on your worktops is essential. We can fit worktops and make the cuts you need to get the perfect fit on your worktop. We can work with real wood, laminated and MDF worktops. If you have a worktop carpentry job speak to us about getting a quick quote.

Carpentry for Cladding near you

With cladding on the rise in popularity it can be a great finish to your home, giving it character and a relatively cost effective finish in comparison to some other finishes. Cladding can be done with traditional wood or imitation wood boards. We can look at the area you’d like to cover and provide a quick quote on the price to install your cladding on your home or commercial building.

Carpentry for internal walls

Internal walls in commercial and residential homes are often made using timber walls. This allows easy fixing for plasterboard as well as quick construction, giving you a solid finish when using a good quality carpenter. We focus on the quality of the timber we use as well as the strength of the construction. This should maintain the integrity of the structure as well as give you a great solution for fitting insulation between walls, electrics, and plasterboard. For internal wall construction give us a call or send us an email on the form below and we can advise on our process.

Carpentry for roofs near you

Wooden floor boards are great for first and second floors as well as attic spaces. We can fit these boards, with a tongue and groove flooring to reduce movement, resulting in less noise travel between rooms.
As well as walls timber flooring on residential buildings are a great quick and reliable option. Based on the engineering calculations we can fit the timbers quickly while working around any of the other trades on site. We can work within timescales where needed to try our best to ensure your project is completed to a high standard and on time.

Carpentry for fences near you

If you need a fence, bespoke or traditional, we can help. We have experience in fitting all types of fences, including concrete and wooden combined. We have also created custom fences with concealed posts and using wood sourced from our trusted suppliers for that strong, modern look. Speak to us about getting a price for your fencing.

Carpentry for kitchens near you

Kitchens are often a focal point of any home. Getting the right carpenter to fit your kitchen is key to creating the right finished look, to a standard you are pleased with. We can fit modern or traditional cabinets and take care in the finishing touches. Speak to us before you consider fitting your next dream kitchen.

Carpentry for doors near you

Doors can be tricky. We can hang doors, refit current doors, or look at options including bi-fold and sliding door installation. You can either supply or we can source materials for your project, usually we can provide a quote to complete works within 24 hours.

Carpentry for commercial

There are a huge number of commercial applications for carpentry that we work on, including shop fitting, custom designs, furniture, cabinets and more. We can also work with hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and other businesses which all rely on carpentry to get the finish they need for their business. Get a quote from us for your commercial project, just drop us a line or email us using the form below to get a quick quote.