After years of progression roofs made from timber are still one of the most popular options with nearly every residential build. They give us the option to create a space in the roof for further rooms as well as a great support for tiles, keeping the water running off the building. We can also easily cut dormer and velux windows into the roof giving us the perfect options for making the most of the space you have.

Carpentry companies – who to choose

We can supply carpentry for roofing on new builds, built to your drawings, we can tie in with your project or can also help manage some of the other sides of the projects including the planning, bricklaying and roofing, just speak to us about your requirements and we can take the hassle out of your new build project.
Carpentry roofing for loft conversions
Carpentry roofing for loft conversions

Carpentry roofing for loft conversions

When it comes to cost, we aren’t the most expensive, we aren’t the cheapest, we feel that we provide some of the best quality brickwork however, for a very fair price. We have spent years working in a way that allows us to produce a great quality finish, while delivering great bricklaying results to our customers. If you have a bricklaying job in mind, speak to us and see what we can do to quote. We would love the opportunity to take on a new project!

Carpentry roofing for extensions

Most extensions on the backs of homes require flat roofs, often finished with EDPM rubber roofing. These flat roofs can be sometimes done under permitted development. We work from drawings, or if you are still in the ‘idea’ phrase we can rough estimate the cost of extending and creating your roof for your extension on your home.

Carpentry roofs for garages

Garage roofs can be flat or cut, depending on the planning you have or the finish. We can construct either option, if it is a roof replacement we can also provide the finish on the roof as well as removal of the old materials. Our carpenters have experience working with all types of roofs and can advise on the likely cost of such a project in advance.
With the rising popularity of garden rooms, flat roofs made from timber are the most common construction. We can construct a roof with a nice overhang, or even extend onto decking or patio space to create covered outdoor areas. As well as the carpentry for the roof we are able to work on the walls and floor where needed, just ask us about the options and we will be happy to assist.

If you need any type of roof constructing from timber then please get in touch with us and we can provide you with a quick quote on the project. Our team are highly experienced and very friendly so whatever you may need, we are here to help!