Office carpet fitters

Fitting carpets in offices is usually done with tiles, rather than entire rolls, but in some rooms a traditional fit might be the best way forwards. We can work with your space in your office to fit the carpet in the way you would like. We can either visit you and assess the space you have or you can send us the dimensions of your office for us to fit the carpet.
Office carpet fitters

We fit carpet all over the Dorset country as well as Hampshire. We can either supply the carpet, or fit any existing carpets you have already purchased.

Office carpets are often prone to plenty of wear as well as shoes being worn, so we usually recommend dark grey or black carpets to protect the look and feel of the floor, preventing stains and dirt from being shown as easily.


Office carpet fitting benefits

By fitting carpet in your office, you will reduce echoes, reduce noise from contact with the floor, creating a quieter working space as well as protect the floor below from wear and tear. The carpet is also a great surface for traction for work chairs and desks, helping your employees avoid workplace accidents that can be caused by slippery floors and formal footwear.

Office carpet disposal

As well as fitting your new office carpets we can remove and dispose of any old carpets you have in place. They can become a tripping hazard as they age and should be replaced quickly to ensure the safety of your staff.

Office carpet fitters quote

To get a quote for office carpet fitters please send us the sizing you have and we can provide a quick quote as well as pricing options for the carpet you’d like to be fitted. We can also clear, clean and prepare the floor if needed, plus construct any screed layers you may need to lay the carpet onto beforehand. This will give you the perfect surface to fit the carpet too, ultimately preserving the life of your carpet for a considerable amount of time. Drop us a message or give us a call and we can provide you with a carpet fitting quote.

Office carpet fitters