Cladding a home is a great modern alternative to using render. Since the introduction of composite cladding this solution has become highly sought after. It is relatively quick to install and the finish looks great. It will also protect your home and due to the composite material will last for a long time in comparison to wooden cladding. It can also be supplied in a variety of colours with textured wood being the most popular option.
We can work around your existing home finish to install the cladding over top. This means there is very little disruption to the existing property as this will be added ontop of the existing finish.

If there is an existing cladding in place we can also remove this and dispose of the waste, saving you the hassle. We can also supply and erect scaffolding on the property where the cladding is going to be installed, giving you a complete, all in one solution.

Cladding – selecting the right colour

Of course the colour is important to the finished look of your home. Our most popular colour is light grey. This often works very well with rendered finished, a common application with brick or render on the ground floor with a light grey cladding on the first floor. We can potentially provide you samples of the cladding you would like so that you can select the colour that would suit you best. If you are not sure of the colour you would like why not ask our team and we can advise on the ones we would recommend, however ultimately the choice is yours. Speak to our team and get their opinion on what might suit your home.

Bricklaying companies – timescales

Wood costs less to source than composite cladding, but is it a better option? The main arguments we see for saying no is that while wood is a lovely material for any build, it needs maintenance. Generally with composite installed on the first floors or above it becomes hard to access and with painted wood finishes, not easy to keep treated. With composite no further treating is needed therefore you can enjoy the low maintenance finish that comes with such a product.

Cladding – get a quote

Get a quote from our team for your cladding requirements. We are always looking for new cladding projects and would be happy to assist. Speak to us about your property, your vision for the finish and we will help you make it a reality. We take the hassle out of the process and can make your home cladding project stress free. Complete our form below or give us a call and we will be able to advise you on your cladding project.