Conservatories Roof Replacement

An extremely popular option for updating your conservatory is to replace its current roof with a tile based roof. The advantage of this is that you can use your room all year round. Traditionally in the summer glass and polycarbonate roofs will trap the heat into the conservatory, making it too warm, or pushing heat back into the home, and in the winter will not retain any of the heat often creating a cold room which is not very much use in the colder months.

Benefits of conservatory roof replacement

With a conservatory roof replacement for tiles this will have the following benefits:

– Conservatory can be used as part of the home, no doors between the rear of your house and your conservatory, giving a much more fluid living space
– Conservatory can be used as a primary living space, giving more room for other uses in other parts of the house such as dining and kitchen areas.
– Conservatory will retain more heat in the winter and prevent the space from warming up as much in the summer.
– The finished structure can look more rigid than your existing conservatory, is more secure and with the demand for solid roof conservatories can add more value to your home.
– We can fit lights into the replacement roof to allow you to use the space in the evening. With the finish you will be feeling that the space is much more part of your main home than your old conservatory.

Conservatories roof replacement – tiled roof

The process is simple, we can remove the existing roof from your conservatory, dispose of this and build a frame for your new tiled roof. We can complete the process including the inside finish which commonly uses plasterboard and painted finish. We can also fit any lighting required within the roof when replacing to give you light in your new space. Making it perfect for using later in the evenings.

Conservatories roof replacement – pricing

To get a price for your conservatories roof replacement we will need to know a bit about the size of your existing conservatory. We will also need to confirm the finish you will want us to complete inside, or if you will finish the inside decoration. Let us know more about your conservatory roof replacement project below and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.