Decking Installers Near Me

Decking offers a quick to install, solid construction outside your home. It is a great way to extend your living space. Decking can transform your garden, it usually costs less than patios and the materials used are lighter and warmer.

We can install decking for your home, or summer house. Giving you more space and room for outside entertainment. Decking is ideal for hot tubs (can be raised around), bbqs, and outside seating.

Decking installation can also be carried out on uneven ground, making it an ideal solution for homes which sit on a bank or slope, saving the cost of building up large brick walls which need huge amounts of backfill. Decking installation is not often messy compared to other building / construction techniques meaning your home can be left tidy and clean after the install is completed.

We can source decking supplies, speak to us for a quote for decking before going direct as our trade accounts may give you access to better prices.

Decking installers near me cost

The cost to install decking will depend on the size of the decking you need as well as its intended use and material cost. Traditional wood decking costs less to install initially however composite decking will cost more initially. Maintenance of decking is relatively straight forwards, keeping on top of the decking paint will ensure that your decking lasts a long time. There are a range of colours you can choose from to paint your decking to give you a finish that will suit your home decoration.

Decking installers near me – get a quote

To get a quote you can send us the dimensions of your intended decking space as well as a potential photo. We will then be able to estimate costs for your project as well as the timescales for the install. We can also organise and clear any materials or old decking before installing your new decking, just ask us and we will be able to assist.