Demolition Company

Demolition is a process than needs to be carried out correctly for the disposal of materials and waste correctly but also for the clearance of the site for new building works. We can quickly and safely carry out demolition of any buildings and existing structures, whether residential or commercial. We are able to ensure that materials are recycled where possible and in some cases re-sold, we can also advise on the best value for money options for waste disposal to keep your demolition costs to a minimum.

Bricklaying companies – who to choose

When you need to decide which bricklaying company is best for you, you need to factor in a few things;

  • The difficulty of the job – does your bricklayer have the experience working with the more complex bricklaying job?
  • The size of the job – Does your bricklayer have the capability to take on larger projects and importantly, manage the process well so that it keeps in line with other trades deadlines?
  • The cost of the job – Does your bricklayer accurately quote the work or do they quote to win? We feel that we accurately quote the work so that you know that the costs should not start to creep up.
  • The types of materials that will be used – Does your bricklayer use the best materials or do they pick the cheapest they can find? We like to use good quality sand and cement to ensure that our finish is solid and reliable.
  • Timescales around the bricklaying job – Does your bricklayer keep to their timescale promises or do they risk holding up the project as a whole. We always try to be realistic about our timescales and try to stick to them (weather dependent of course!).


If you are looking to flatten your home to make way for a new build we can take on the demolishing process, ensuring that the site is clear and ready for construction of your new property. We can also assist with the build process itself so if that is another service you require, just mention it.


Office buildings and blocks may need full demolishing or partial demolishing to make way for refurbishments. Speak to our team and they will be able to advise on the cost of demolishing based on your requirements.


for commercial buildings there is often a need to demolish while maintaining a safe working environment for members of the public who may be nearby. We can also work on the demolishing of factories, and warehouses. Speak to us to learn more about our commercial building demolishing services.


Some buildings still contain asbestos and may need these aspects to be safely demolished and rebuilt. We can manage this entire process from demolishing to replacement.

Swimming Pools

Sometimes swimming pools can become costly to maintain or just not convenient. We can demolish or cover over existing pools in a safe way. Giving you back the space you need once more.


Garages may need to be moved or rebuilt somewhere else. We can demolish and if needed rebuild garages.

Outhouses and Sheds

Outbuildings and sheds which are no longer required are something that we can quickly demolish and dispose of correctly, making way for more space or newer buildings.

Garden Walls

Garden walls that have become unsafe or are now simply in the wrong place can be safely demolished and disposed of by us. We have experienced Bricklayers who are also able to construct a new garden wall if needed.


We can demolish old patios. Quite often old patios can be beyond repair so demolishing an old patio before installing a new might be the best, and sometimes only option. Speak to us about what it would take to demolish your patio.

Get a price for your demolition project. We can quickly estimate and quote for your demolition, giving you peace of mind that we will get the job done. Speak to us about what services we offer and if necessary you can send us a photo of the current building to be demolished.