Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are something that can truly transform your home. They are used in conservatories, on extensions, and in garden rooms. They provide a versatile solution to giving your outside space the access you need. They bring the outside in to your home. They are used in both commercial and residential settings and can be made to order any size.

Bifold doors – choosing the size you need

Bifold doors are common for spaces over what a double door would usually accommodate for. So any spaces where three or more doors would be suited are ideal. They allow for the entire space to be opened up and can be installed into virtually any size of space. With quality frames and mechanics your door is effortless to open and use. With the weight of the doors they will be easy to operate but feel solid and robust when you have them closed. We recommend thicker frame doors for rigidity and security. Our doors have great insulating properties and we can also provide the same aluminium windows to match!

With great style and function all of our customers are happy with their bifold doors.

Bifold doors – colour options

Bifold doors can come in colour options to suit you, such as anthracite grey, black, and white. Or in some cases the customer will order a different colour outside compared to inside. A common and popular combination is white inside and grey outside. This means the inside of the doors can match your interior while giving the clean modern look of the grey outer finish.

Bifold doors – installing

Our team will measure and fit your bifold doors, meaning you know they will sit just right in the space created for them. We take care of our work and will leave them with protective coating which you can remove when you are ready or completed with all of your building works. This means the frames should stay protected even if you still have building work in progress.

Bifold doorsget a quote

Get a quote for bifold doors, let us know the size you are looking for or the number of doors as well as your location and colour options and we can provide you with a quick, no obligation quote. Our team can also potentially perform a site visit if needed if you need help deciding on what to choose. Simply fill out our form below or give us a call and we will be happy to assist.