Fascia Fitters

Fascias give a clean edge and nice finish to a roof, with either UPVC or wooden options we are able to fit fascias that really give the finish you need to your property.
Fascia Fitters

We can fit fascias to your existing property, or we can fit them to a new property, extension or garden room. We can fit white or black UPVC fascias and soffits depending on your style preference. By Fascias don’t only look nice they help to protect the roof below and provide a good surface for guttering to be attached. The soffit space also creates a great place for lighting to be fitted, giving a great feature to the look and feel of your property.


Fascia fitters repair

As well as fitting fascias we can repair and replace existing fascias. In some cases fascias can crack if the property below has expanded due to heat or water. This is not an ideal scenario but can happen. We will be able to remove any damaged fascias that need to be replaced as well as fit the new fascias to try and blend this into the current style of the property on the provision that the rest of the property’s fascias are in good condition.


Fascia fitters Dorset

We fit fascias across any region of Dorset. We have experience working in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and other areas. We are happy to travel and can complete most jobs within 1-2 days. We will also be able to assess the costs more exactly if we make a site visit to see your fascias that need to be repaired or replaced.


Fascia fitting cost

We can fit fascias to your existing roof, or strip old fascias before fitting newly supplied materials. We will need to know the depth of your roof profile so that we can order the correct sizes. Fitting is usually straight forwards however access on taller properties may require scaffolding depending on the type of access required. We will be best to perform a site visit or supply us with photos and plans of the property and we can assess from the dimensions the size and cost of the job.

Fascia Fitters