Fencing Dorset

We provide quality fencing in Dorset. We work with all types of fencing, from bespoke wooden, to concrete panel to composite. No matter the style of fence you require we are happy to help. We have also worked on projects with a combination of fencing materials.

Fencing Dorset – Garden Fences

If you are looking for a new garden fence we can repair or completely replace your fence with a style of your choice. For some inspiration you can always describe to us the type of fence you would like or let us know your ideas for your fence and we can suggest some options.

Fencing Dorset – Wooden fencing

Wooden fences are the most common and popular of our fencing products. We can fit fences you have already purchased or use our trade accounts to buy and supply the fences to you. We will look at the space where your fence will go and advise on the best options for building your fence. We can fit a wooden fence with either wooden or concrete posts, but for long lasting results we would highly recommend fitting with concrete posts.

Fencing Dorset – Wooden fencing with concrete posts

As we mentioned before wooden fencing with concrete posts not only lasts longer, but will stay straight for longer and also protect the wood more so from damp than wooden posts. The concrete allows the wood to dry quicker and prevents rising damp from the ground below.

We would also ensure that your fences are treated so that they are build to last outside. Of course with any wooden product outside there is no lifetime guarantee but by regularly treating your fence it will last much longer.

Fencing Dorset – Slatted fences

A popular option now is for slatted fences, with horizontal wooden slats, this can elongate your garden to make it look bigger and reduce the vertical feeling of the height of the fence. We can also adjust the gaps between the fence slats to amend the privacy obtained with these types of fences. The structure of these fences also tends to be stronger due to the thickness of the slats used in comparison to featherboard fences.

Fencing Dorset – Metal fences

Metal fences are also a possibility. When finishing the look of your home quite often metal fences can give that solid, rigid finish, or may just be better suited to the style of your property. They can also be treated to last longer and can be easily maintained by repainting from time to time. They can also be combined with walls, to give security, without the feeling of being ‘walled in’. Another nice feature of metal fences is that they can have an alternative design / style and can be completely personalised if you so wish. Speak to us about our metal fence option.

Fencing Dorset – Get a quote

Get a quote for your fence, no matter the style, we can help. Speak to us about your ideas and we can help turn them into a reality. Our friendly team have years of experience with fencing and securing boundaries. Let us get a quick quote prepared for you, fill out our contact form below or give us a call for more information.