Garden Office Studio

Garden office studio quote - To get a quote for your garden office studio speak to our team and get an idea of cost. If you let us know the size and type (block or timber construction) we will be able to give you a rough idea of costs. We can also incorporate the doors and windows, electrics and all of the finishes inside your garden office studio.
Garden Office Studio

Garden office studio planning

When it comes to planning your garden office studio you will need to be aware of any regulations for planning and building regulations. You will need to check the exact specifications with your council however the general rules are as follows:

    • The total area of outhouses, sheds, including the proposed garden room does not cover more than 50% of the total are of land around your home.
    • It will need to be single storey and no higher than 2.5 meters when less than 1 meter from a boundary or less than 3 meters when over 2 meters from a boundary.

With regards to building regulations the garden office studio will need to be detached from your main home as well as less than 30sqm in size.

By complying with these rules and any other localised council restrictions you can build your garden office studio without needing to go through the planning route.

Garden office studio design

When designing your garden office studio it might be worth considering the time you will spend there and the facilities required. It is possible to fit a worktop and sink for washing and serving drinks. This can be easily achieved with water run from your main home, and drainage which can be pumped back to your main drains if you do not have sufficient run back to the drains.

It is worth bearing these elements in mind when designing your garden office studio. How the garden office studio will be heated is also another factor to take into account. Electric heaters or underfloor heating can be installed so long as the insulation is sufficient.

Garden Office Studio
Garden Office Studio
Garden Office Studio

Garden office studio manufacture

When we create your garden office studio you can choose between brick or wooden built. We will also construct with insulation to keep your garden office studio warm. We would always build with double skin walls when using block or brick and will use treated wood when building the structure from timber. Let us know the type of construction you would like and we can advise on the build time.

Garden office studio internal finishes

When we have constructed the exterior of your garden office studio, we can also assist with the interior. Most clients will render the interior and paint, with many selecting a wooden or tiled floor. Tiled floors can also be fitted with underfloor heating to keep your garden office studio warm.
We can also fit any worktops, sinks or toilets needed as well as connecting drainage and other utilities to your garden office studio.