Gutter maintenance

Maintaining gutters is not always an easy task if the gutter is in a high position. Sometimes the only easy maintenance is when the gutter is located on a single stored building / bungalow but accessing the higher levels to maintain gutters can be tricky.

At Dorset Building Co we offer an easy, straight forward gutter maintenance service. We can assess the quality of the guttering in place, and look to see if the gutter can be easily cleaned of any blockages, or if the gutter will need any sections replaced due to wear over time. Also we will be able to identify any cracks or leaks as well as replace broken brackets which can become brittle over time and snap under stress.

It is important to maintain a good gutter service to ensure that the rest of the property is protected. Damp can become an issue with water ingress through the walls. This can be as a result of poorly maintained gutters. With our gutter maintenance service you can quickly resolve any issues that may impact the rest of your home, keeping it warm and dry.

Gutter maintenance – replacing vs maintaining.

Newer gutters also tend to be made from materials which are more resilient against cracking, with newer technologies these gutters are more flexible, so in some cases it can be worth simply replacing your gutters rather than trying to maintain old gutters which are likely to continuously break. We can advise in both instances and give you the options to choose which would be best for you, the gutter replacement or gutter maintenance package, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Gutter maintenance quote

Get a quick quote from our team for our gutter maintenance service, we will be able to swiftly assess and quote for the work and give you peace of mind also about what can be done to resolve your gutter maintenance problems. Leave your details below or give us a call as we can discuss what is possible.