Double storey extension costs

Extending your home is a great idea, but of course the main hinge on any extension project is the cost. Double storey extension costs can be pricey, but by comparison to moving home, or buying another property and paying stamp duty, it can be a cost effective way of expanding your home, increasing your homes value and giving you a great return on your investment over a period of time.
Double storey extension costs

Home extension builders process

Of course as home extension builders the process doesn’t just involve the build itself, it may require planning and structural drawings before any part of the build begins. We can manage the entire process from start to finish.

Planning Home extensions

Speak to us about creating plans for your home extension. We can put the plans through the process with the council and then proceed with the build once approved. We can take your ideas and turn them into a reality with our home planning process. No matter what type of extension you are planning we have worked on them all.

We can also advise on what the council may approve or reject based on our past experiences, we may be able to show you how to maximise your potential before you start the process, saving time and money and adding the most value to your home as possible.

The reason we mention mostly the idea of double storey extension on the rear of the home is due to the building line on the front of homes being restrictive in general to double storey extensions on the front of your home. If you want more space on the front of your home you can always consider brick porches, which is also something we offer.

Double storey extension costs
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Double storey extension costs – in more detail

The costs of your double storey extension will depend largely on the materials, size and quality of the finish you are looking for. For example if your extension is large, needs planning and has to be matched to an existing style. If your extension is small, with a flat roof and simple render finish then the cost will be lower. The fundamental costs of the project will be based on if you have footings in place, or if these need to be underpinned, the material type either brick or block and the roof type. Another cost to take into account will be the insulation on the extension. Government regulations have become more stringent on what you may have in place currently for your home, therefore you may find that you need far more insulation in place than you may have anticipated. Speaking to us will help you clarify and understand how much insulation your home will need to meet regulations. Another cost of course is the time on labour, but by planning the project effectively then your double storey extension costs can be kept as low as possible.

Double storey extension costs

Double storey extension costs planning and budgets

Planning budgets for your double storey extension costs can be tricky, it is always advisable to allow a contingency of perhaps 20-25% in case there are any factors which were not anticipated in the initial build cost. We can always provide you with an estimate of costs if you send us plans, or if you are still in the ideas stages then we may also be able to assist with plans.

When budgeting for your double storey extension it is best to make a record of all costs in spreadsheets so that you can track any elements which may be costing more than expected.

There are also other things to look out for such as VAT costs, which can add more to a build if not assessed correctly.


Double storey extension costs – getting a quote

Getting a quote from us for your double storey extension is simple. Send us plan of your drawings from our form below, give us a call or just explain your idea roughly and we can always visit your property to quote in more detail. 

Double storey extension costs