Home extension architect

When considering a home extension architect people will often consider the cost associated with employing an architect. Architects are usually employed into a role of not only designing, but overseeing and project managing a build so that the finishing touches are exactly as the architect intended. This however may not need to be the case for a simple home extension. You may in fact need some architectural services, but not all.
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Home extension architect

For instance if you just require plans for your home extension then an architect may not be necessary. We can provide drawings which are plenty sufficient to get you through the planning process, without having the pay the higher prices that architects may charge.


What are the steps for your home extension architect project?

Step 1: We will consult you, to gain an understanding of your project, what the project will consist of and the size of the extension. It may be that you don’t need drawings for planning if your extension is under a certain size, however you will likely still need the drawings for getting quotes from builders. Of course we can also provide a quote for building works where needed.

The next step would be to carry out a survey of your home to measure the size of the existing property so this can be properly projected onto the plans. By doing this we are able to use that for planning permission, giving the council the idea of scale between the current building and the proposed extension.

Following this process we will product the home extension architectural plans to you, hopefully in a way that matches your ideas. Once we have produced these plans we can make any amends until you are happy for them to be submitted to planning office.

Once plans are approved the building regulation plans can be submitted ready for your project to take shape.
Since planning authorities are taking time to pass plans it is worth speaking to us as soon as possible so that we can guide you through the process without delay.


Home extension architect costs

The architectural services which we provide are generally much lower in terms of cost than that of traditional architects. We can still progress your project in the same way, and still get you to the stage of building without spending more than necessary.

Home extension architect
Home extension architect