When looking at the cost of a home extension the key is in preparation and planning. We spend time working on the process of planning and costing home extensions to ensure they come within realistic budgets, with contingency.
Home extension cost

Home extension cost – do you get what you pay for

With some of the quotes we have seen they vary so much sometimes it is easy to understand why there is some confusion around home extension costs. The build process is separate from the interior and finishing elements so it is important when speaking to a building company that they have included absolutely everything you are expecting them to do.

Home extension costs – create a project task list

The best method is to create your own list of tasks which you have identified so that this can be presented to the building company. Ask them to include anything you appear to have missed in their quote, then you will be aware of the full list of jobs to be completed. It is safe to assume that if something is not mentioned on the quote then it is not included. So if there is anything else you can think of which you feel needs to be covered by the quote then it is best to have it covered by that than assumption.

Home extension cost
Home extension cost
Home extension cost

Home extension cost – size of the extension

Now you have a full list of the requirements you will need to know the size of the extension you are looking to build, as well as the types of materials you are looking for when having the construction completed. This will give us as builders a much clearer idea of the likely cost. By doing extensive planning at this stage it helps us to manage the expectation levels in terms of realistic costs. By missing elements not only can it add to material cost but to labour cost also, which can then have an impact on the rest of the project later down the line.

Home extension cost – get a quote from Dorset Building Co

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