House extensions

There are many types of house extensions these include Loft extensions, Rear extensions, Single storey extensions, Side extensions, Two storey extensions. We carry out all of these types of works and include other services which complement them.
House extensions

House extensions – Loft extensions

Loft extensions on your home are one of the easiest ways of making use of space you already have, with a new stairway and some dormers in place, your home can be extended relatively easily if you have the roof space available to extend into. Of course loft extensions where the roof pitch is too low are much more work since we would need to remove and rebuild the entire roof, however in general without this process it doesn’t need to take too long and can transform your home into a new space you had only imagined. With house extensions into the loft this added space can appeal much more to potential buyers if you are looking to sell. Therefore what you spend on having the loft conversion done can in many ways pay for itself and more. We are always looking to take on house extensions in the form of loft conversions. If you have a loft extension project you would like us to take a look at then let us know and we will endeavour to give you a nice simple quote.

House extensions – Rear extensions

With some falling under permitted development, rear extensions have become hugely popular in replacement almost for the idea of a traditional conservatory. They integrate much more simply into your homes structure, and allow you to seamlessly use the space in comparison to say a conservatory. Therefore rear extensions have been a great way to add that extra kitchen or living space, without having to spend huge amounts of money on moving to a larger home. If you have plans for a rear extension or are just in the process of thinking of something new then we would love to hear about it. We are always looking for house extension projects with rear extensions being one of our most popular services. Speak to our friendly team about getting a quote for your house extension on the rear of your home completed.

House extensions
House extensions
House extensions

House extensions – single storey

For single storey home extensions the most popular option is a flat roof with block walls and block and beam floors. This type of single storey extension can give you much more space within your home and allow you to extend the room which is adjoined to it. Extending your house by a single storey can also make use of unused garden space, which in the UK may only be used for a short period throughout the year due to the climate. Having the space inside is usually much more valuable for the home owner.

House extensions – side extensions

With some homes there is a great opportunity to extend over unused driveways and or end of terrace space which can create great new internal rooms, with a relatively cheap outlay. Side extensions can often be built with little to no disruptions of the main home until the space needs to be connected at the end of the project. This approach is usually very attractive to customers who want to stay living within their home while work is being carried out, meaning they save on rent and moving costs. Side extensions can make a home look much bigger and greatly increase the kerb appeal, adding more value to the home.

House extensions

House extensions – groundwork

Most house extensions need groundwork carried out, this might include new footings, drainage and soak-aways. We can prepare the ground for the extension to be carried out as well as demolishing any old or existing structure where needed. We can also dispose of all materials to ensure that your house is completely ready for your construction to take place.

House extensions – drainage

As well as the footings we mentioned before about drainage for your house extension. If you are planning to add a kitchen, bathroom or toilet to your extension and there is no existing drainage in place then we may need to create new drainage channels in the ground and connect these to your existing drains. We can assess the quality of the drainage you have in place and if necessary upgrade the quality of these drains to improve the flow and ensure you do not get future drainage issues. Please ask about this service when considering your extension so that we can plan for this when quoting your extension project.

House extensions – electrical

When you extend your home the chances are that you will always need new electrics running into this new space. We can potentially extend from your existing ring, or we may look to run a new ring from your fuse board into the extension and provide you with power to your new extension. As we say, you can never have too many sockets, therefore it is always best to go for as many power sockets as you can! Speak to us about the type of electrical items you are planning to use in your house extensions space and we will be able to advise you on what we would recommend.

House extensions
House extensions
House extensions

House extensions – roofing

When it comes to finishing your extension you will likely need roofing, we can provide flat or tiled roofing on you house extension to make sure it is water tight. Most customers will opt for flat roofing on single storey rear extensions and often tiled on side extensions since these are visible from the road. With the roll out of EPDM rubber roofing the lifespan of flat roofs can now last over 50 years which is impressive over previous roof lifespans. There is also very little chance of leaks since the roof itself is cut in one solid piece. Rubber roofs are also easy to maintain and repair, with little downside to using this option.

House extensions – finishing work

We can finish the interior of your house extension as well as carrying out the build project. Therefore if you’d like us to leave it tiled with new lights, plastered and painted, then just let us know! We will happily complete every aspect of the build from start to finish. We can also decorate and leave your home in a state that is completely ready for you to use. If you would like any additional services after the build phase let us know and we will explain the options available to you.

House extensions

House extensions – cost

One of the most common questions we get asked is what is the cost of a house extension. Of course this depends completely on the size of the extension and how much of it you would like us to complete. The best way is to send us a plan of what you are looking to build along with structural drawings (if you have them) if not we will try to give you our best rough estimate based on similar previous work.

House extensions – timescales

When it comes to timescales we do need to take account some other external factors, but extensions can range from taking a couple of weeks to a couple of months, so for us to best get an idea of timescales we will need to go through some of the details. To speed the process up we will need to know:

    • If you have planning in place, if not we can help with the plans
    • If you have building regulations organised
    • If you have structural drawings produced

From here we can work more closely with you on timescales.

House extensions – get a quote

If you are interested in getting a quote for your house extension speak to our team today or drop us a message on the form below. Sometimes we are working on site so the best option is usually to drop us a message using our contact form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

House extensions