I want to extend my house

You may be considering extending your home and are unsure on what options you may have. We are here to help. We quite often have people expressing to us ‘I want to extend my house’ but don’t really know where to start. The best starting point is assessing your current property. Do you have the room to expand your house? Are you thinking a single or double storey extension, and do you have a budget in mind.
I want to extend my house

I want to extend my house – what are the best options?

If budget is no object then considering the best fit for your lifestyle is key. What about your current home makes you think ‘I want to extend my house’? Do you need the additional space for your kitchen or living space or alternatively you may be in the position to expand into the loft space of your home with a loft conversion.
The best way if you want to extend your house is to contact us and tell us more about how and why you are thinking of extending your home and we can try to advise on the best options you have available to you.
We have experience in helping others extend their home, and have advised on those projects where they can make the biggest uses of space as well as ensuring that other elements such as the planning process is straight forwards.


I want to extend by house – do I need planning?

Potentially, we would need to speak to you about your plans for extending your home to really understand if you need planning or not. For peace of mind we will check your intentions against the current council criteria and be able to advise on if your project is small enough to fall into the bracket of permitted development which would mean no planning permission would be needed.

I want to extend my house
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I want to extend my house – what are the costs

The cost of extending your house will largely depend on the scale of the build you are looking for. We can calculate material and time costs based on the plans you have, or if needed help you create plans for your house extension, and then use those to cost your project.


The main costs when considering your house will be:

The main costs when building an extension on your home will be materials and labour. The materials being cement for footings, bricks / blocks for building, timber for floors and roofs and tiles for roofing. Another big cost is insulation and windows / doors. Once those elements are in place then costs for finishes can be postponed or continued when budget allows.


I want to extend my house – please can I get a quote

Yes! We are always happy to provide a quote to anyone who is planning to extend their home. We will perform a site visit, gauge the work required and then give you a rough estimate to allow you to budget. We can then work out timings and project plan when you are ready to go ahead.