Second storey extension

Second storey extensions are extremely popular for people looking to extend over existing structures such as ground floor extensions or garages.
Second storey extension

Second storey extension – planning

Getting planning on a second storey extension is necessary to ensure that the council will not object to the build. You will also need structural plans for building regulations and the builders to use to build your second storey extension.

Second storey extension – checking your existing structure

When building above your existing structure it will be necessary to check that the extra weight will be supported by the structure. If the footings of the existing structure are not designed for two storeys then it might be possible to underpin, or construct the extension using a lighter, timer construction, however our preference would be to use block for the rigidity that gives the most strength to your new second storey extension.

Second storey extension construction

When constructing we will be able to organise all of the preparation of the area, the supply of the materials and scaffolding required to start work. We will work in a way that keeps a safe environment if you are living in other parts of the home. We can also arrange for disposal of old materials if needed to make way for the new construction.

Second storey extension
Second storey extension
Second storey extension

Second storey extension – electrics and plumbing

As well as the construction of the second storey extension itself we can also work on the internal electrical and plumbing work. If needed we can fit bathrooms, stud walls, plaster and decorate the inside of your home to get it completed. We are a full service building company so any element which needs to be part of the project we can take care of. Our team are reliable and care about the quality of your second storey extension all the way from the construction through to the last coat of paint. We want you to be happy with your project and want to

Second storey extension – get a quote

Get a quote for your second storey extension. Let us know what you are planning to build and when. If you are still pre-planning then you can always talk to us about getting drawings completed for your plans. We can help no matter what stage of your project you are at. Drop us an enquiry via the form below or give us a call for more information and we can guide you through your project from start to finish.