When planning an extension there is often the chicken egg scenario, how much does it cost? If so I will get the plans designed. The issue is quoting on the cost of a build without seeing any plans. Therefore we have tried to develop a rough online of the cost of a simple storey build.
Single storey extension cost

Single storey extension cost checklist

The first thing is to check on the following elements:

    • What is the size of the extension you are looking to build
    • What will it be constructed from? – Brick or blocks?
    • Do you need a floor constructed, will this be solid or block and beam?
    • Is the single storey going to have a flat or side hipped or gable roof?
    • Do you need us to supply windows and doors, if so and what type will they be, aluminium or plastic? Will you want double doors or bi-fold style doors?
    • When do you want the project completed for?
    • Do you want us to price in any finishes such as plastering, electrics and plumbing?
    • What is the budget for your single storey extension and how will it be funded.

Once you have a clearer picture of all of the above elements in mind we will be able to discuss with you the cost of building such an extension. The quickest way to obtain a quote for a single storey extension cost is to fill out our form below with all the details from the above points and one of our team members will be able to help. If there are any answers you are unsure of, simply skip those for now, we can always guide you through the process or revisit at a later date when you have made more decisions.

Single storey extension cost
Single storey extension cost
Single storey extension cost

Single storey extension cost – materials

Another major factor to consider when asking for a cost is if you will be supplying the materials or if you will be asking us to source those for you. With access to trade discounts it is likely that asking us to source materials will result in a cheaper outcome. If you are considering different types of construction for your single storey extension such as block and beam or a slab based floor then we will also advise on the cost differences on these methods. Our recommendation would usually be a block and beam floor.

Single storey extension cost – labour

We will of course be billing for labour, and to give you an idea we usually always work on a fixed rate, meaning that we will get the job done. Our team once they have had enough information to produce a quote will be able to let you know the time it would take based around a project management structure. Usually we will supply a framework of timescales for the week by week progress that we would expect to see on your extension.

Single storey extension cost

Single storey extension cost – get a quote

Ultimately the best way for us to assess the cost of a single storey extension for your project is for you to send us as much detail about the project as you have. This will allow us to give a much more accurate quote for your building project. For a single storey extension it should not take us long to return an idea of costs, we will also be able to give you an idea of the timescales we will need to build your project.

Single storey extension cost