Single Storey Rear Extension

Single storey rear extensions can be a great asset to any home. They can also be carried out under permitted development so no planning process is needed. This means the entire build process can be cut massively time wise. With planning taking 3-6 months with some projects then avoiding planning where possible can be a great idea. Single storey rear extensions tend to be taking the place of the more traditional conservatory style extensions. They become part of your home rather than being a room which is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. They also look smart, add more value to your home and have a longer life span with traditional brick materials and tiled or slate roofs.
Single Storey Rear Extension

Single storey rear extension process

The process for building a single storey rear extension is quite straight forwards. We will assess the project first then look at the following elements:

A good quality single storey rear extension can add value to your life and to your home. Usually the cost of such extensions can be covered by the increasing value of your property once works are carried out and a new valuation is done. This of course does depend on the area and the size of the single storey rear extension.

Single storey rear extension roofing

When roofing your single storey rear extension it is important to know you have a couple of options. You can opt for a flat roof, which gives a good ceiling height, that can avoid windows in the floor above, or you can have a cut roof with tiles which will also give a nice finish and will last a long time. This will also make the extension look more like part of the original build than a flat roof extension.

Single storey rear extension doors

When planning a single storey rear extension it is quite common for popular double doors, bi-fold or sliding doors to be fitted not only to give access but to provide a great view of the rear garden from inside the property. Sliding doors have less frame space, so give a clearer view of the outside when closed, however bi-fold doors have the ability to open in a way that allows for a larger space to be accessible when open. Choosing the right doors will depend on your personal preference.

Single Storey Rear Extension
Single Storey Rear Extension
Single Storey Rear Extension

Single storey rear extension internals

Single storey rear extension internal finishes are also part of the construction service we provide, from a new kitchen, to tiling, to plastering and painting and decorating for that final look. We can complete all internal electrics, plumbing and lighting.

Single storey rear extension constraints

There may be some constraints to your single storey rear extension such as the size of the extension you can undertake as well as the percentage of garden to property ratio. If your plot is smaller, the extension may need to be a conservative size to ensure that the planning office are happy with the development. We will be able to advise from experience what is a likely development based on projects we have completed before and advise you accordingly.

Single storey rear extension costs

Single storey rear extensions are usually one of the least costly types of extensions, however there are still costs to be aware of. This includes planning if needed, clearance, groundwork’s and construction. We can also provide finishing as a separate cost if you need to undertake the project in two steps. The costs of such single storey rear extensions can be calculated roughly from plan drawings.

Single storey rear extension get a quote

To get a quote it is always best to speak to us, we can perform a site visit to your property and look at the ideas you have. From that we can develop an understanding of the time it would take to complete your project and provide you with estimates as a result.