Terraced house extension

Terraces houses are a great extension opportunity. They are usually contained but are great for rear extensions. This can open up the space for more living rooms or for dining or even kitchen areas.
Terraced house extension

Terraced house extension design

When it comes to designing your terraced house extension you would want to think about the way you use your space in your home. A popular option is to combine spaces together such as the kitchen and dining or kitchen and living space. This means that the people using either space can still socialise rather than being isolated to the space they are working or relaxing in. It is also great for families who need to keep watch over children while in the kitchen for example.

Terraced house extension types

Single storey rear extensions are a great option for terrace house extensions. Many terrace houses have a good garden space and extensions on the side of the home may just be unfeasible. Unless of course your home is on the end of the terrace most homes will be restricted by the neighbouring properties. Therefore we recommend rear extensions. Loft / dormer extensions can be popular also for that home office working space, where your unused loft space can be increased with the build of a dormer window, giving you a space suitable for home office or other smaller use purposes.

Terraced house extension
Terraced house extension
Terraced house extension

Terraced house extension planning

The most common type of extension for a terraced house is a rear extension. This is because they are generally within permitted planning for development purposes, meaning they do not need to go through the slow process of applying for planning permission however it is always best to check this with your local council before starting any works to ensure that no other rules apply such as conservation area etc.

Terraced house extension cost

Terraced house extensions don’t have to cost too much. It is always useful if there is rear access to the property to be able to unload materials otherwise we may need to access via the main door. It is possible however to also pay for crane hire to have materials moved to the rear of the property which in some cases can save enough time to make the process more viable.

Terraced house extension get a quote

If you are considering an extension to your terraced house then give us a call. We will be able to advise on the possibilities and options based on our past experiences. Drop us a message on the form below or give us a call for more information.