Install car charging station at home

If you are looking for a quote for a home electric car charging station then we can help. Our electricians have been working with electric car charging points to service the growing popularity of electric cars. Also with the introduction of mandatory electric car charging stations for new builds it will become far more common with both new cars and new homes combined.

Install car charging station at home  – get a quote

Installing a car charging station at home is relatively simple and doesn’t take too much space. We can also accommodate the distance needed for cables to reach your cars with adequate room for when they are parked in a different arrangement.

We feel that installations of car charging stations will become increasingly popular over the next few years due to the increasing sales of electric vehicles. By installing these stations there are also from time to time grants which are available from the government, meaning that the cost can be offset. So enquiring sooner rather than later could be beneficial.

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