We provide quality local plumbing services to the Dorset area. We have years of experience working with all sorts of plumbing systems, old and new! If you have an old boiler, or are looking to install a new system we can help. Or maybe you are fitting a new kitchen or bathroom and need a new gas / water supply. We can also assist with the install of electrics to help with your project. See below some of the plumbing areas which we typically service.

Plumbing for your kitchen

When plumbing your kitchen we will take into account all of the appliances you have in mind, we will look at the placement of the dishwashers, ovens if gas, fridge freezers and other appliances which will need gas and water. If you are undergoing a new kitchen refit and need help with the plumbing then our team will be happy to help. It is always best to get us involved from an early stage so that we can see if any additional piping will be needed to reach new areas in your home. If needed we do have the ability to help with the entire kitchen fit if needed. Please see here –

Speak to us today and get an estimate of the work needed for your home.

Plumbing for your bathroom

The same applies for bathrooms as kitchens. If you need plumbing in your bathroom, albeit a repair or a new bathroom fit then it is always best to speak to us at the start of the project, this gives us plenty of time to advise on the best approach for your water / gas needs (in the case of a boiler being stored next to bathroom). Then we can help you before you run into any access issues when plumbing your new bathroom. If you need a simple repair, we can also help. Give us a call for more information.

Plumbing for your Boiler

If you have a new boiler and need it installed we can help. If you are keeping it in the original position or are looking to move it to a new location we can also advise. Plumbing a new boiler can be trickier than a normal plumbing job since it will affect the entire system within your home. We will also test the boiler performance and advise on the system you need. We will consider the number of radiators and bathrooms that you will need to supply. We can also advise on the best boiler for the job. We will install and fully test your system for heating and ensure that your system works in the way you’d need it to.

Plumbing for your radiators

Sometimes radiators can become less efficient and less functional as your system ages. If you have problems getting heat to your radiators then you can speak to us about getting your radiators updated, or the system flushed and working as expected. Also we find that some people may upgrade their radiators from single to double radiators to provide more heat into the home.

Plumbing for your drainage

As with any new kitchen or bathroom we will sometimes need to install or improve the drainage in these areas. Or perhaps you have a blockage with your current drainage that you need us to fix. Either way we are happy to help. If you have any urgent drainage needs, give us a call and we will be able to help.

Plumbing for leaks

Sometimes a leak will appear, that dreaded water mark on a ceiling of the room below. We will check and investigate the source of the leak, which may in some instance not be close to where the water is leaking from. We can check and fix the leak, it is advisable to speak to us as soon as possible if you notice a leak, even if small before it escalates into a bigger problem. We can also fix leaking taps, or fit new taps if the ones you have are beyond repair.

Get a plumbing quote

Get a quote from our friendly team about your plumbing project. We are always happy to help, and provide you with advise to help you make the right decision. We are also local and happy to travel to you to assess your plumbing install. Complete the form below or give us a call and we will be in touch to provide you with a quote.