Property Maintenance Bournemouth

Bournemouth has a range of properties which all need maintenance, with commercial warehouses and factories, hotels and shops, and of course residential homes, we cater for all the property types that need maintenance within the Bournemouth area. Our staff are super friendly and are available for call out to see what maintenance your property might need.

Student property maintenance Bournemouth

Student properties can be tested by the consistent use and of course the nature of student *may* be less tidy than a regular tenant. Therefore student property maintenance is a common reason for property maintenance. Also there is a quicker rotation of tenants so maintenance on those properties may be needed more frequently in order to refresh the space for the next group of tenants. Student accommodation is extremely popular in areas such as Winton where student who attend Bournemouth university most commonly live.

For quick and efficient repairs, student property maintenance in Bournemouth can be carried out to a good and robust standard. When keeping it simple and getting the job done quickly counts speak to us and get a quote.

Commercial property maintenance Bournemouth

In Bournemouth there are a vast range of commercial properties. They range from hotel, restaurants, shops and more. It is of course critical to a business that they can remain open and functional therefore commercial property maintenance with a reliable team is a life saver to any commercial company. We have years of experience in working with commercial businesses keeping their businesses open and running while they do what they do best. If you have a commercial property and need a responsive and effective maintenance team then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Shop maintenance Bournemouth

Shops have many visitors and change stock frequently. Therefore they can be considered high traffic areas. It is this high level of use that means that things can wear more quickly in shop based environments. Therefore not only do repairs need to be carried out quickly they need to be carried out in a way that will preserve them for more heavy use in future.

Shop fitting and maintenance is a service we can offer. If you have a shop and would like a quote from us then please fill in our contact form or give us a call.

Residential property maintenance Bournemouth

Residential properties account for a large portion of our property maintenance work. With over half a million people in the Bournemouth and Poole areas there is no shortage of properties to upkeep. We have worked on various size projects, from one bedroom flats, to the maintenance of entire blocks of flats. With our residential property maintenance package you can rest assured that your property will retain its value and stay functional for yourself or your tenants.

Hotel property maintenance Bournemouth

Hotels need to be maintained regularly. With our quick call out we are able to help B&B and hotels functioning, since a room which cannot be rented can become costly to any business that relies on selling their rooms. We focus on the quality of the job as well as the cost and speed. We know that as a business you need a rapid response team with staff who are able to help with a variety of tasks. If you need any works carried out in relation to your hotel then speak to us to get a quick quote.

Restaurant property maintenance Bournemouth

If you have a restaurant and need maintenance we are able to work in hours that accommodate you so that you can keep your doors open to your customers. We can also help with refurbishment and re-decorating your restaurant. We can also accommodate regular maintenance so that any repeat wear and tear can be conserved and the appeal of your restaurant attractive to guests. Any tasks from electrical to plumbing, painting and decorating can be carried out. Speak to us to get a quote for your restaurant property maintenance.

Bricklaying for extensions

If you need an extension built and need us to look at the brick / block work for that then we can give you a quote. Extensions in particular can be tricky as the planning might be subject to matching the original building brickwork. Of course no one wants their extension to look out of place or ugly so we have the ability try to blend your existing building into your new build / extension.

Bricklaying and block and beam floors

Bricks can be suited moreso to the bottom of the wall build so that below the damp course the render is not affected by rising damp. We then encourage the use of blocks in any application where the finish will be painted render. This will keep the cost and speed of the build quicker. Of course for a classic brick finish we can work with almost any type of brick and ensure that it looks how you’d want it to – perfect. Speak to one of our team today about Brick and Block finishes to see what would suit you most.

House Bricks and Engineered Bricks

House bricks tend to be the most common application for brick jobs, however for a more accurate cleaner and smoother finish engineered blocks may be more suited. They also work well for the sub base of rendered walls.

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