Property maintenance services help you to keep on top of the condition of your property

Commercial property maintenance services

Commercial properties always need maintaining. From the shelving to the racking and general areas which include staff and public areas. To preserve health and safety or the appearance of the company brand it is essential for whatever reason to sustain your commercial property. Our property maintenance services are designed to take the stress off of you when managing property maintenance. We have systems in place that allow you to lodge any issues directly with us and we can instantly quote and attend maintenance jobs at our nearer convenience. Any urgent issues can usually be dealt with almost instantaneously. We maintain and look after commercial properties which includes offices, warehouses, factories, shops, hotels, restaurants, hair salons, garages and more. If you have any type of commercial property and need commercial property maintenance then speak to us for a quick quote.

Residential Property maintenance services

If you have multi homes or just need help with maintenance, we often work with people who just feel they need a skilled trade to keep ontop of their home maintenance. We can speak directly to you to assess what jobs you need doing and let you know an estimated price of this job. If you have a job which needs to be carried out or regular work then please let us know more on the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.

Rented property maintenance services

Sometimes you may not live near your rented property, or you may have a number of rented properties, therefore the time it takes to keep ontop of these properties can become taxing and too much for an individual to take on. As jobs become longer or more complex it is sometimes easier and work employing a maintenance company to take care of the jobs for you. We have often experienced this with people who have grown a portfolio of properties and need a reliable company to maintain and keep on top of the jobs that arise from rented properties. Give us a message or call and see how much time we can save you with you rented property maintenance service.

Student property maintenance services

Student property maintenance is a repetitive job since students can easily break fittings and fixtures. We therefore focus on robust fixes that are designed to withstand constant use by student. We know that keeping a student property up to date and in good condition can otherwise be very time consuming. We take the hassle out of repetitive maintenance and can report back the likely cause of any issues that may be causing maintenance in the first instance such as misuse of the appliances or facilities within the home.

Get a property maintenance services quote today

Our team love a challenge and are always looking to take on new projects. If you have a property that needs professional maintenance then leave your details below and we will get back to you to discuss options as a priority.