Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is key to the upkeep of any properties value. It can also be invaluable for landlords to ensure they keep their property in good state of repair to keep their tenants happy and also ensure that everything is functional to save any dispute.

Electrical property maintenance

If you have a property especially if rented then maintaining and keeping electrical elements working is critical. It can help prevent hazards and electrical fires. Also appliances may need to be tested to ensure they meet safety standards. If you have a property that needs electrical maintenance ongoing or a one off job then please send us details of the property or the work that needs to be carried out so that we can assist.

Drainage property maintenance

With drainage property maintenance it can sometimes be hard to spot an issue before it arises. However there are some signs. If you notice unusual smells or slow draining sinks / toilets then it might be a sign that your drains are backing up and not draining as they should be. This could be a simple rodding to resolve, or perhaps it might take some further investigating to find something further down the line. Either way it is best to get on top of these issues before they become major problems in your home, your tenants home, or your commercial property.

Painting and decorating property maintenance

Painting and decorating property maintenance is one of the most common reasons for property maintenance work. With constant traffic, scuffs and changes of tenancy a fresh coat of paint is often a great way of keeping on top of the condition of your property. In a commercial setting it also goes without saying that over time heavy use and contact can leave the painted finished looking tired. With regular maintenance your business can maintain its standards with our painting and decorating property maintenance service.

Bathroom property maintenance

Bathroom maintenance is key to keeping the bathroom in good working order, we can maintain every aspect of a bathroom to ensure that the general bathroom is kept to a good standard. We can check on mirrors, lighting, pluming, flooring, fix leaks, and ensure that the condition is maintained to a good working order.

Boiler property maintenance

Boilers are in regular use in any home, and are part of ensuring that everyone has hot water, any issues with boilers can cause major issues especially in the winter months! With regular servicing and maintenance boilers can keep running reliably and ensure that commercially and residentially you are protected. Any issues can be quickly resolved if you do have a boiler problem by one of our highly trained staff.

Roofing property maintenance

Without forgetting about the roof we also cover any leaks or damage to roofs that can happen over time. We are aware of the stress that a leaking roof can cause to any tenants or residents, all well as the disruption it can cause a business. Roofing maintenance is one of the most overlooked but common jobs we undertake, so if you need a quote regarding maintenance of your roof then speak to us for a quote.

Commercial property maintenance

Commercial properties can be tricky to maintain and have different build structures to residential homes, however we can still work with and have worked with commercial property types including shops, warehouses, garages, flats and other types of commercial buildings.

Get a quote for property maintenance

If you need a quote for property maintenance we would welcome the opportunity to quote, please send us details of your property and some information about the maintenance you feel you need and we can get in touch to discuss in more detail.