Wall Rendering

Why wall rendering? Wall rendering is a common finish for homes which are looking for that smooth clean finish. It is perfect for homes that want clean lines, and the option for a painted finish. The render can be painted with any masonry paint, and gives a home a long lasting protective coat.
Wall Rendering

Benefits of Wall rendering

Render not only gives a great finish, adding value to your home, but gives you a surface that is easy to maintain over time. It allows you to paint and refresh the look of your home with ease, giving it that newly finished look. Wall rendering is usually done when a block wall is completed below. It is less common to render over brick. The prices of bricks often makes the construction of a building using blocks more attractive. Therefore by using render as a finish the blocks can be concealed and an amazing finish can be achieved. Wall rendering uses a fair amount of material but doesn’t always take too much time to complete if you have an experienced company complete the works.

Wall rendering is also perfect for cutting in around windows and doorways. Doors and windows can be rendered to the edge to give a nice finish against the metal framework most commonly selected for windows and doors.

Wall rendering can also be completed with the colour mixed. This means that we can render a wall which will not need painting, ever… This saves plenty of time in the future for maintaining and painting your property. Of course this method will cost more to complete initially but the time and cost saved in the future is usually well worth it.

Wall Rendering
Wall Rendering
Wall Rendering

Wall Rendering finishes

Wall render is usually always finished smooth. We will consult you on the look and finish of your home to see how you want your render to look and will be able to make suggestions based on your requirements.

Some walls which are not well prepared may need to be sealed before being rendered. This is to prevent the colours from the brick passing through the render and showing on the finish. This can otherwise degrade the look and feel of the property quickly and can result in constant painting and maintenance being required on the external walls of the building.
We can also advise on any finishes which may need some additional preparation beforehand. For example if the render is to be placed below a surface which doesn’t have guttering in place then it can allow dirt to quickly show. We will also advise on finishes which should protect your render and prevent water from getting behind the rendered finish which can cause cracks.

Cost of Wall rendering

To know the cost of getting a wall rendered we will need to know the space of the wall to be rendered. To best give us an indication if you complete our quote form and let us know the wall dimensions we should be able to quickly give you a quote. Speak to our friendly team today and we will be able to advise.