Cost to rewire a house

The cost to rewire a house will depend on the age and the size of the house. Some sections after testing may also be adequate and can remain as they are. It depends on the changes that you are looking to make to your home, or the amount of sockets and outlets you would like if you are looking at an extension or new build.
The best way for us to understand the cost of rewiring a house is to send us plans of the rewiring you are looking at doing so that we can assess the time it would take to complete the project. Based on the time and materials we will then be able to give you a much better idea of the cost to rewire your house.

We have worked with one bedroom flats to complete building rewires. If you have a project of any size we are happy to check the criteria of the project, budget and timescales and let you know, or simply get in touch, we will ask for the information we need and will be able to get a cost back to you as soon as we can.