Rewiring a house

When wiring in a home gets old sometimes a rewire is necessary. Working on a rewire can be tricky and takes a skilled electrician who understands the loads required. For instance we work with people who may need a kitchen completely rewired before having new appliances fitted as they switch between a traditional gas oven with gas stove to an electric oven with electric hob.

Faulty lighting / switches can be a sign that your house needs to be rewired. Rewiring can take time since we will potentially look to completely remove any old wiring for health and safety. Some walls will also need channelling to allow for space for new wires of course we will also need to be aware of any existing plumbing and structure of the home to ensure that we do not disturb other elements around the home.

Rewiring a home can increase its value and will also mean the house is safer from surges. We will also need to look at the types of fuses installed to see if this would need to be increased by the electric company to allows for more or larger appliances.

With the popularity of purchases like hot tubs we have also found that peoples electricity consumption is increasing. Because of this we need to ensure that the wires are capable of carrying larger currents and will not become hot.

We are happy to speak to you about your house rewiring project and can provide a quote. Speak to us today for more information.