Smart home wiring

We all love the idea of wireless but in any case you know there is plenty going on behind the scenes. We can work to create your dream smart home experience. If you are looking for automated lights, security cameras, network installs or anything in between then speak to us about your smart home wiring.
We know that getting things just right is important and people with smart homes like to ‘set and forget’. Therefore we will look to take the hassle out of your life by introducing and implementing smart solutions for your smart home. We will carry out any wiring necessary to ensure that your home works in the way you need it to, giving you full control at your fingertips.

Smart home wiring cameras

Monitoring your home with cameras gives you peace of mind and keeps potential hazards at bay. With wired smart home cameras you need not worry about keeping the battery topped up or wifi signal. Wired cameras maintain connection and constant signal to your network, giving reliability and ultimately dependency when you need them. Speak to us today about wiring your smart home cameras in and ensuring that they are as good as you need them to be.

Smart home wiring doorbells

Similar to cameras doorbells need good battery and signal for reliability, we know that you can get battery cameras which last a good period of time but this is not suitable for when you need constant recording in place or high quality recording and sensitive notifications. By dumbing down these alerts to save on battery you may be missing out on alerts when you need them most, so by wiring in your smart home doorbell it will drastically increase functionality and reliability.

Smart home wiring networks

With every home now becoming our entertainment hub it is important to make sure that a house is well geared up for running its internal network. With increased loads from the likes of Netflix and other streaming services networks need to be robust in a house in order to cope with this increased demand. Too often the kit supplied by ISPs is inadequate and falls over when too many devices try to connect. It can make a big difference to the quality of your home media and security by ensuring that the backbone of this, your smart home network is sufficiently set up.

Smart home wiring intercoms

With some larger luxury homes increasing in space, the need for intercoms between rooms or areas of the house can be a handy accessory. It is also useful in commercial settings to allow people to quickly and freely communicate within their network, often with cameras as well as sound. We can provide you with options for installing and wiring smart home intercoms. Speak to our team today and get a quote.

Smart home wiring speakers

As with all the technology we deploy in our homes we know that wireless speakers are an option, but if you have many of them then charging them all can be a hassle. It also doesn’t really work with a cinema style setup or in a home where the speakers may be controlled more accurately by a traditional amplifier than an app. We also know that some people may prefer their speakers to be concealed inside the ceiling, which cannot be done with some off the shelf wireless products. The quality of your speaker system will also be as good as your network, so if you need reliability and a hardwired setup then speak to us and a member of our team can provide a quote.

Smart home wiring automation

We can help with your smart home wiring automation project. Perhaps you need timers for the garden lights, or a timer setup to allow for your security system to activate. Whatever the dream is let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Smart home wiring for the future.

When it comes to the future of your home there is no doubt that some technologies are making things much easier. By getting the right wiring in place you have the foundation to make your home everything you need it to be, keeping you at the forefront of all the benefits that technology has to offer.

Speak to us to find out more about how we can help with your smart home wiring.