Roofing repairs

Commonly roof will wear and tear over time, and it can sometimes only become obvious when damp or a leak occurs, this could be as simple as replacing a broken tile to rebuilding an entire roof.

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Tiled roof repairs

Tiled roofs are sometimes very quick and easy to repair, quite often the issue being broken tiles as a result of ice / ageing or hale stones. We can usually access the roof quickly and safely to make repairs for a reasonable price, fixing your roof leak or other issue.

Flat roof repairs

Flat roofs are quite often prone to leaks or in need of repairs as water can sit on them for long periods of time and the materials used such as felt or rubber will wear down quicker over time. Flat roofs are usually lower and easier to access, therefore we can quickly make repairs so long as the structure below is not badly damaged. We will need to know some details about the type of roof you have, so that we can accurately assess the best method for making a repair to your building.

Garage roof repairs

Garage roofs can often become damaged more quickly or due the simple nature of their build need to be repaired more often than traditional roofs. We can easily access and repair garage roofs to a high standard so that you don’t need to worry about the damp and leaks in your garage, restoring a useful space as well as preserving the value of your home.

Roofing repairs might not be as costly as you’d initially think, however for an accurate idea of costs it may be necessary to carry out an assessment on the property. We can advise on the issues you are facing, as well as any other potential issues that may arise shortly with your roof. We can advise you on any quick fix options as well as give you an idea of full repairs, to give you the choice on how you would like to approach the solution. All our work is fully insured and you are always given a project manager as a first point of contact. We have carried out a variety of repairs in and around the Dorset based area, from slate, to tile to flat roof repairs. We have also carried out repairs on chimneys due to them sometimes being the cause of roof leaks and issues. We can carry out any type of building work so if you need help with a roof repair in conjunction with another service simple let us know and we can potentially quote on any other work you need.
Roofing repairs can be carried out quickly to save you the stress of waiting, especially in our British weather! If you need an emergency roof repair we can respond to jobs urgently and professionally. We will quickly assess the damage and scope the best option to repair the roof giving your home security and protection from the outside elements once more.
Roofing repairs
Roofing repairs
Roofing repairs

Qet a roofing repair quote from Dorset Builders.

If you need a quote please send us a photo of the damage if visible as well as information about accessibility to the roof and the type of roof if not visible. We will then be able to price the job accordingly.