Picking the right roofing company is important since you can get so many options with roofing that a quote might vary from one company to the next. We have experience in working with all types of roofs, please see below for more information on each type of roofing project we can carry out.

Tiled roofing Dorset

Traditionally tiled roofs are the most common go to for any building project. With their solid construction and longevity tiles roofs are highly popular and are only generally replaced with the cleaner look of slate roofs. Whatever your preference we are able to assist with a tiled roof construction. We will also be able to help if you have a tiled roof project which is an extension of an existing roof. We will look to see if the tiles can be matched from your old roof to new, to make the extension look as smart and seamless as possible. We can also help with sourcing new tiles with our various trade accounts we may be able to source the best prices for your material supply.

Dorset Tiled roof repairs

As well as carrying out tiled roof builds we are able to carry out tiled roof repairs. These types of projects consist of us assessing the level of damage to the existing roof, the materials needed as well as potentially an inspection of the structure of the roof. Sometimes the structure below can sag causing the cracks in the tiles, so it may be best to fix the underlying cause of the damage before carrying out works which will need further attention within a short timespan.

Slate roofing Dorset

Slate roofs are a popular modern option when choosing a roofing finish. Their clean edges and smooth finish are good at staying clean, new and tidy. They can be quickly constructed and the colour of slate makes a nice finish for any roof. They can be slightly more prone to damage than tiled roofs so it is always worth bearing than in mind when looking at a slate roof option for your roofing finish.


Dorset Slate roof repairs

Slate roofing repairs need to be carried out on slate roofs from time to time, the cost of which can vary depending on the company you choose. We try to carry out slate roof repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible, while maintaining a safe working environment. If you have a slate roof repair you need us to carry out please take a photo of the damage if visible and we can provide you with a quick, hassle free quote.

Felt roofing Dorset

Felt roofs are popular where flat roofs, in particular extensions are built, they can offer a cheaper alternative to tiled roofs and take generally less materials to construct. Because of this they can be completed quicker and the labour time is also reduced. If you are thinking of a felt roof build we can provide a competitive quote, or alternatively we can potentially recommend other flat roof options, giving you the ability to see the upside and downside of all options.

Dorset Felt roof repairs

Felt roofs when old can crack and will need repairing to prevent water from entering your home. We have experience in quickly and efficiently carrying out such repairs of felt roofs on older properties. The repairs if seen to quickly may not cost too much, however if left for a long period of time it can affect the structure of the timber below, resulting in structural issues, therefore if you feel you need a felt roof repair it is better to speak with us sooner rather than later.


Sheet roofing Dorset

Sheet roofing is often used in plenty of commercial settings and industrial building where the quality of the roofing is all that counts. Of course commercial and industrial settings do not need to worry as much about the aesthetic look of the building, but need something that is rigid, strong and cost effective. We can install sheet roofing, with a high standard of quality finish.

For a quick quote on sheet roofs, give us a call or drop us an email enquiry and we will be more than happy to assist with your roofing project.

Dorset Sheet roof repairs

Sheet roofs may need repairs from time to time. Not so much with modern materials but some of the older materials can become quite brittle and easily break, leaving often hard to reach roofs hard to repair. In some instances it may be better to replace the entire roof, but in come cases if the rest of the roof is still in good condition then repairing might be the best option. We can assess the accessibility and materials needed to complete the job and supply a likely cost usually within a few days.

Rubber Roofing Dorset

Rubber roofs have become increasingly popular due to their durability in comparison to some of the other traditional flat roof materials. We have seen from modern developments that rubber roofing is quickly replacing felt and asphalt roofing options. It is also installed in a single sheet in most cases, leaving no chance for leaking, with the thicker roof materials being guaranteed for up to 50 years it is a great option for a trouble free flat roof solution.


Dorset Rubber Roof repairs

Rubber roofing may need repairing if punctured or split. We can carry out essential and quick repairs on rubber roofs leaving them water tight once more. They repairs can usually be done very quickly and safely and with most rubber roofs being on ground level we can usually access them without the need to erect scaffolding. If the condition of the rubber looks too poor then we may make the recommendation to replace with a newer roof, however the choice will be yours.

Corrugated roofing Dorset

Corrugated roofing is something that we often look to install on commercial, retail and other flat roof based builds where they need a cost efficient, flat roof with a lightweight structure, without the need for too much timber. They are often installed where steel constructions are built. This lightweight roofing option can be insulated and offer good support, as well as being quicker to build and putting less weight on the structure below. They may not last as long as some roofing types, but they still have a good lifespan, especially when using a quality, modern product. There are so many options when it comes to corrugated roofing that it is best to speak to us about the application so that we can propose the best solution based on your needs.

Dorset Corrugated roof repairs

Over time corrugated roofs may need repairs or start to leak. The issue can be with the size of them diagnosing the cause of the leak can be trickier than simply spotting a cracked tile. We can look at the source of the issue and then advise on the cost to repair a corrugated roof. More often than not it is most cost effective to replace the entire panel especially if it has become brittle.


Conservatory roofing Dorset

Conservatories used to have mostly one type of roof, but now they have many! Conservatory roofs may consist of glass, UPVC or now even tiled with insulation. We can advise on the best option based on your needs and budget, allowing you to choose the solution that’s right for you.

Conservatory roof replacements Dorset

Conservatory roof replacements is another service we offer, you may already have an amazing conservatory which you wish to keep, however the roof may let in too much heat in the summer and let out too much warmth in the winter making it hard to control the temperature in your home. We have experience in offering conservatory roof replacements to match the lifestyle you want today.

Dorset Conservatory roof repairs

When making a repair on a conservatory roof we would need to know the material of the existing roof as well as the nature of the leak or repair requirement, from this we can assess the options and give you a price to repair your conservatory roof.


Epdm roofing Dorset

EDPM is another phrase for the rubber roofing we mentioned earlier. It has the same properties as rubber and can be easily applied the roof with adhesive, it is flexible and very durable meaning that it can last as long as 50 years in comparison to other materials such as felt or asphalt. It also doesn’t require long to set and can be easily repaired in the future with rubber based repair products.

Dorset EPdm roofing repairs

When you have an EDPM roof it usually doesn’t need repairing if well installed, however if there is a puncture of some sort that has caused the rubber to leak then repairing can be straight forwards. We can tidy the area around the repair and either patch or use a special rubber sealant to make the roof watertight again. Get a quote from us about your EDPM roofing repair project. 

Polycarbonate roofing Dorset

Polycarbonate roofing refers specifically to using essentially plastic corrugated sheets. The advantage of this can be that they are light in weight, reasonably cheap, and quick to install. They are also available in flat sheet options which are corrugated inside a sandwich of two thinner sheets, this can offer an easier to clean solution and marginally better insulation properties than just a single sheet of polycarbonate roofing. Neither options tend to a long term solution but can be easily repaired or replaced in future.


Dorset GRP & Fibreglass roofing

GRP and fibreglass roofing is a relatively modern application of roofing within residential flats roofs, whereas it has been used commercially for some time. By taking advantage of the strength and reliability of GRP and Fibreglass roofing the result tends to be a roof that lasts for a long time. It is also applied on site so our roofers will be working directly on the roof to construct. The finish is resistant to heat and frost and if well maintained will last for a very long time.

GRP & Fibreglass roof repairs Dorset

No roof is exempt from needing repairs and while GRP and fibreglass roofs are usually very robust they may crack from movement or other reasons. We have experience in carrying out reliable, long term repairs on GRP and fibreglass roofs.

Roofing insulation Dorset

With any build it is important to install a good insulation with your roof. We can install the insulation alongside your roofing project, completed to building regs and standards specified from your drawings. If you need assistance with choosing the correct insulation speak to us and we can advise on the best options.


Shingle roofs Dorset

Shingle roofs are constructed using shingle based tiles, they are thin and can be quickly applied to your roof. They are also relatively cheap to purchase. They offer little structural benefit but if installed correctly with the roof structure below they can look clean and give a nice finish to your home.

Dorset Shingle roof repairs

Should you find that your shingle roof becomes damaged you may need to carry out shingle roof repairs. We can quickly access and repair shingle roofs, to keep your home, or commercial building projected from the elements.

Metal roofing Dorset

Metal roofing is popular for some modern architectural applications as well as commercial applications. A metal roof is a great option for a long term solution. It can be more resilient and permanent a well as stronger than some of the polycarbonate options. They are sometimes relatively loud with rain therefore and insulated layer depending on the application may be needed. We can also source the right materials based on your building drawings or make a recommendation on the options that may suit you best.

Dorset Metal roof repairs

If you have a metal roof that needs a repair, if possible send us a picture of the damage or area where the issue has become apparent such as leak and we can contact you to assess the options available to you.