Construction scaffolding

Scaffolding is used for many applications, for commercial and residential purposes, external and internally. Scaffolding is a great solid solution where ladders and other forms of access can be too high risk. Scaffolding can also drastically speed up the time it takes to complete a job. By carefully planning your project timescales you can avoid keeping scaffolding in place longer than necessary keeping the costs to a minimum.

We can erect construction scaffolding on all types of commercial buildings. The types of typical applications may be:


Hotel construction scaffolding

We have previously installed and setup scaffolding for hotels, we are able to advise on the safety of the scaffolding based on access internally and externally. We can ensure that walkways and pathways below are still accessible to the public where safe allowing construction to take place overhead.


Flats construction scaffolding

For access to flats and other tall residential buildings sometimes scaffolding is one of the only options. We can erect safely and quickly a good scaffold which will enable any maintenance access required, allowing trades to carry out essential works on the building.


High rise construction scaffolding

If you have a building considered to be high rise then the scaffolding will need to be more calculated for safety reasons, our staff are able to install and setup scaffolding suited to taller buildings, allowing trades people to access and operate within the scaffold safely.


New build construction scaffolding

Due to the amount of building work that takes place on new builds constant scaffolding is usually a popular option once the brick level reaches a certain height. This allows the bricklayers and carpenters quick and efficient access when working on your structure. We know that the cost of the scaffolding can be offset by the speed savings that other trades make when working on the new build.


Scaffolding for extensions and loft conversions

When extending and undertaking loft conversions scaffolding can be an invaluable for access. Many trades will refuse to work on a construction project where adequate scaffolding is in place.

Construction scaffolding
Construction scaffolding