Staircase Construction

If you are looking for a staircase construction you may be considering the styles of staircase you’d like. Some customer will opt for a traditional wooden staircase, which are cost effective, and usually quick to install. They can also be installed and tailored on site. When it comes to staircase construction we can also buy pre made stair cases and fit them in your home to save costs on labour and speed up the time it takes to install.
If you have stairs already we can remove the old staircase and install the new one. However in some cases a staircase repair may be sufficient. We can assess the current condition of your staircase and advise on a possible solution based both on your budget and preference. Speak to a member of our team about your staircase construction ideas for further help and guidance.

Staircase construction styles

As well as the traditional wooden stairs, customers may opt for staircases which are more modern, with less bulky materials and stairs which may give the impression of the stairs being almost floating up to the second floor. We can also integrate glass and wood and metal into the construction of your staircase to give a style that is personal to your preferences. By using metal this allows us to use less overall material while keeping a strong structural staircase. By modernising your staircase construction this can add value to your home as well as increasing the perception of space within the home, opening up small hallways and giving them the feel of much bigger spaces.

Staircase construction cost

As with any product there are some great variations in the materials and approaches to the staircase construction. For us to cost your staircase, we would need to potentially see where the stairs would be going as well as some idea from you about the types of stairs you would like us to make. We can either install an existing stairway, or we can build something completely bespoke for your home or commercial premises, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.