Underfloor heating specialists

Underfloor heating specialists for your home, bringing warmth to your floors in your hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and rest of your home.

Underfloor heating specialists for your home

Underfloor heating in your home can make a huge difference the comfort and feeling within the home. It distributes heat evenly across the floor giving you a nice balanced distribution of heat.

Underfloor heating specialists for your kitchen

Kitchens commonly have underfloor heated tiles which can be cold to the touch when not fitted with underfloor heating. We can fit and would recommend fitting underfloor heating in the kitchen area to provide warmth and comfort when using the kitchen space.

Underfloor heating specialists for your bathroom

Since bathroom are commonly completed with tiled floors for cleanliness and for protecting the floor below from water, underfloor heating is a great option to keep your feet and bathroom warm when you use it. It can also be fitted with its own timer and thermostat so that it is not connected to the heater in the rest of the home, meaning you can warm the bathroom at times when you know you will use it.

Underfloor heating specialists for other rooms

With tiles becoming more and more popular for rooms throughout the home, underfloor heating is also becoming increasingly popular to heat these spaces. We can advise and fit underfloor heating in just about any room in your home. Even if you have carpet, we would be able to recommend if the carpet was compatible. Also with electric underfloor heating mats it adds just millimetres to the thickness of the floor giving you warmth without compromise.
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