Underpinning a wall

To underpin a wall the wall itself will need to be exposed to and below the existing footings. We can then assess the damage of the current footing as well as finding a solid ground below the footing allowing us to see how far we will need to create the underpin. Based on the extend of the damage and the opinion of a surveyor we can then advise on how much wall will need to be supported for the underpinning to be a success.

While the process is being carried out it is best to undertake as much as necessary to prevent further future damage and cost of the process being carried out again in the future. Sometimes the damage from a wall that has been underpinned can then be covered potentially using render if the bricks above have cracks as well as those being either replaced or repointed depending on the extent of the damage.

Underpinning a wall can be a lengthy process since it is not always clear from the outset how much work will be needed until we uncover the footings that are currently in place. Once we have a better understanding of the conditions of the footings and see the extent of underpinning required then we will be able to give a much better and more accurate estimate on the costs to undertake the work.

We have experience in underpinning older properties, as well as some not so old unfortunately, but either way we are confident that we will do a job that will leave your property in good stead and retaining the value you need for resale and sustaining it’s valuation.

Send us a message about the property you have and what sort of work you think you might need and we can get back to you as quickly as possible to sort your project with care and as efficiently as possible.