Underpinning can be known as a bit of a dreaded process that leaves homeowners panicking however as the skill and techniques of underpinning have progressed it doesn’t need to be as daunting as you might have first imagined. It might have been discovered as part of a new property purchase or as a result of cracks appearing over time. Either way we are usually able to resolve any issues with an effective underpinning process.

What causes cracks and foundations to require underpinning?

Previously building regulations were not as stringent about the depth or solidity of foundations on older homes, this meant that properties were allowed to be built on land with relatively soft ground and footings which were too shallow. This means that any small movements can allow the foundation to crack or fall away from below the brick walls, resulting in cracks and movements of the property.

The most common cause is water moving under the home footings, with water coursing through the soil underground this can loosen and in time remove the ground which foundations are set upon leaving them unsupported.

Modern properties footings must be inspected to ensure that the ground is solid and that the footings are deep enough to support the weight of the property above.

How do I know if my property needs underpinning

Usually the signs of cracks will appear in a property, most commonly near the source of the problem. By digging down and exposing the footings we can check the condition of the footings and essentially add much more support to this area of the building. It can be subject to reinforcement and raising of the dropped wall can take place. Once the underpinning process is completed it can be checked and monitored for signs of movement in any other areas of the property.

Since underpinning is a specialist job is it always best to speak to a professional first before attempting to assess such work. We have a team of helpful and experienced staff who will be able to quote your underpinning project and take the stress out of getting your home secured in its footings again.